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This will hurt some, but we won't be Politically Correct.We don't want to be, and we can't afford to be.

However we should want to explain our decisions.

Almost everyone could start their explanation with Freedom of Speech, but we will start with another value: Tolerance. And of course it is about the way to achieve tolerance. I hope we got your attention.

Most gamers know well what happened with Pillars of Eternity, and the allegedly transphobic joke it contained. Well, it doesn't look transphobic, and it doesn't look like a joke. And while some people spoke about "portraying prejudice" that poem wasn't portraying prejudice. So lets see that offensive poem first.

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Dice roller Extreme?

What is this ugly piece of software? You might say it is very ugly. All buttons and no design. Yet I remember seeing dice rollers that are all design and almost no button and was quite fed up with them. Here you have at least 3 important areas on the screen: A huge textbox on the top, and the moment you hit "roll dice" or "show codes" it will be filled either dice roll results or just some codes like "5O" or {N\S\W\E} next to the label of a button above. You can guess you can roll up to 12 predefined dice rolls at once. If no predefined roll is selected it will treat the same textbox as imput. That is why you have the "Clear Text" button to make sure you can fill this area with all your code easily without having to manually delete any text.

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Those who are "geeks" and love math and technology, and those who aren't. Yes that 10 in the title was in binary. A friend of mine bought a nice little booklet, 137 pages for just 1 USD, and it was about world design. To some it was like "OMG amazing value for money". To me it was "rubish". I love math, data and books, etc. but I think that is one of the products that shouldn't have ever created. 

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I was looking for a good dice roller for my smartphone. Some of them looked neat with nicely animated dice. You want 6d6 where one dice has different color? It is easy with drag and drop adding dice, shaking the phone and seeing how the dice stops. Of course sometimes they stopped on top of each other, at other cases on their edges, but it is easy to reroll when needed.

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Is D&D too white?

Is D&D too white? Is gaming too white?

We heard about Oscar. An award that seems to be too white according to some people. And we can explain how the movie industry is too white.

But if we start to explain that we will see "video games are even more white" and products for traditional tabletop RPGs like D&D are even more white. 

And it is easy to understand these trends, and our explanations will start with an "N word".

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Key decisions in game design: A "wired" century

I remember how many people claimed "we have WiFi, 3G now, how funny it is to see wired connections in ..." and claimed a realistic game would focus on wireless connections. Yet those people forget one simple fact: When they want to download large data, their phone would ask for a WiFi connection instead of cellular one. For a good reason: They expect that WiFi router is connected to a wired network. Its easy to miss that point and even miss the reasons behind this. You don't see the wires, so you assume it is wireless and it is more realistic if the network in the game looks wireless to you. As you can see wireless isn't much slower... or is it? 

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Recently I heard a story about a girl role playing her favourite character, a female knight. That isn't something special. Yet when the party entered an inn, she have met with a sudden surprise, someone slapped her on face, and explained to her, how women should belong to the kitchen. Before we would start complaining about sexism, we know that sexism, racism and other forms of prejudice and hatred exists in most fantasy and scifi worlds. So encounters like this can happen, right? Probably not. And it has nothing to do with feminists and how they would condemn us for this. But lets evaluate the differences in power: An unarmed commoner on one side.... And a fully armed and armored knight who is free to kill the commoner for this insult.

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